© Mara Eggert

concert action by Heiko Hentschel with music by Moritz Eggert

Teufels Küche - devil's kitchen
concert action by Heiko Hentschel with music by Moritz Eggert

Of course, the devil is in the detail, but the detail is in the kitchen, more precisely in a sound kitchen. Here, three musicians embark on fun-virtuoso border crossings as sound cooks to the music of Moritz Eggert. The basic idea of ​​‚devil's kitchen‘ is to try to make children (and adults) aware of the diversity of what music can be. The aim is to focus on the acoustic process of creating musical material that would not normally be called music. The musicians play not only their instruments (clarinet, cello and percussion / electronics), but also everything that makes interesting sounds. The associated concert actions are embedded in an action without words. Everything that happens could take place in a kitchen - music should be 'cooked' out of a variety of materials visibly for the children. The resulting sounds of ingredients and cooking utensils are alternately placed in the center of attention, sometimes electronically amplified and alienated, then again accompanied by the instruments, imitated and further developed until the interplay of actions and instruments a whole new music sounds. Of course, the devil also has his appearance: He changes the sound of the objects and ingredients, exchanges the belongings of the sounds to the utensils used and thus creates a fantastic confusion. The irritation should not only be a thoroughly fun misdirection of the ears, but also sharpen the sense of hearing of the children to listen closely.

production KinderKinder e. V., Hamburg, Germany

Short film with excerpts from the premiere: