FAKE @Gare de l'Est - PARIS

FAKE Tout est faux, tout est fou

concept and live-electronics : Wilfried Wendling
narrator : Abbi Patrix
percussion: Linda Edsjö
clarinet: Carola Schaal

The storyteller Abbi Patrix explores a public place, a microphone in hand and a helmet on the ears.

The audience, also equipped with headphones, listens to the intimacy of the voice and the transformations by Wilfried Wendling, of the sound universe that surrounds it. The voice lies, distorts the history of the place, exchanges with the spectators and the passers-by who disturb the border of the fiction and the real. The electronic sounds transport the viewer into an incredible and confusing sound experience that transcends the space of the performance.

The story of Peer Gynt serves as a plot for the tale of lies and truth.

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