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Silent Posts Project by Alexander Schubert

Main Concept:
“Silent Posts” is a concept piece by Alexander Schubert. WIthin its framework there are several source pieces which serve as starting points for artists and musicians to interpret and to make new versions of. This work can be interpreted and adapted by any kind of artist - ranging from musicians, performers, writers, video artists to chefs.
The artist (or artist group) can choose a source piece (provided by the composer) as a starting point or another Silent Post version that some other artist has created before him. It is basically a concept where the versions evolve, as in a family tree.
The artist interprets the previous version following a set of loose guidelines, which are described in the score. Aside from that he can also make individual changes in the piece based on a set of tools.

Both the source pieces and the new versions can consist of all possible media (audio/music/text/video/performance). It may for example start with a video, continue with recorded music, and finish with text.
The provided material consists of a (simple) score and all video/audio/image files. With each new version, new material is introduced and included. 

There are two main motivations behind this piece. 
First, it allows the performer to bring her/his individual approach and personality to the work. The existing pieces already show how differently people approach the same material and what qualities they see in them.
Secondly, it is the interest to see how a piece can evolve and become something completely unexpected over time - turning into something that could not have been anticipated by the composer at all.

There is a set of tools that can be applied to change a given piece and that can be used freely by the interpreting artist. This includes deleting, permutation, copying and stretching - but mostly interpreting!

The artist(s) can interpret the previous version basically in every possible way. If a section consists of video material the artist could, for example, describe the video in words, make a new video, act the video, or mimic the sound with an instrument. The same is true for all other media forms as well. The only limitation is that it should not be arbitrary. It should always be perceivable that a given section of another Silent Post work is interpreted.

All of the existing pieces that have already been created can be found online at: 
This includes the video documentations as well as materials, scores and other helpful data.
You can simply choose a piece / version to begin with and then create your own version.
All existing pieces will be documented online!

Take a look at the complete basic score


Silent Posts Infocard