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info sheet & tech rider _ Bonny Crude


Bonny Crude

Bonny Crude and I.
She was born in 1979, I in 1982.
Every meaning comes to view, every sense in the mind!
We only met a very few times.
Dark, empathetic, thoughtful, maybe funny.
We look at Bonny Crude.Into Bonny Crude.
We observe, experience, and judge; we’re creating.
We watch, perceiving, until the character appears.
Can you already see her?
Can you already feel her?
I am Bonny Crude. You are Bonny Crude. Bonny Crude is nowhere / nobody / all.

Carola Schaal, together with choreographer Heinrich Horwitz, developed a concert program in which all works have a relationship to one another, influence and disrupt each other. Just like our bodies. Bonny Crude is a fictional projection for chimeras, desires, and anger.

Sound direction is designed and implemented by Maximiliano Estudies.


works that have been shown during a Bonny Crude performance:

Carola Schaal / Heinrich Horwitz - A.29 ‚about needs’ (2018 - ongoing)
for 1 body, clarinet, audience, video and tape

Alexander Schubert - ‚Your Fox’s a Dirty Gold‘ (2011)
for solo performer
with voice, sensors, electric guitar, live electronics and light

Alexander Schubert - A.10 ‚It Was Not An Easy Situation‘ (2017)
Silent Posts video

Andrej Koroliov - ‚irritate me (Herbst)‘  (2016)
for bass clarinet, voice, snare drum, cymbal, tape and video

Carola Schaal - A.6 ‚Ruth‘ (2017)
Silent Posts  video

Brigitta Muntendorf - #AsPresentAsPossible‘  SOLO (2018)
for solo performer
with voice, tape and video

Sarah Nemtsov - RED (2018/2019)
for music video, tape and clarinet


photo © Melina Mörsdorf