© Screenshot Alexander Schubert

Alexander Schubert Acceptance trailer

Alexander Schubert - Acceptance (2018)

Documentary Piece

For a solo performer

Performed by Carola Schaal



The performer stays in nature for five days, without speaking to anybody, and constructs 6 wooden sculptures. The performer writes down everything relevant in text form during the process. The work period is documented by a camera man.

The process and the development of the piece are shown and explained in the presentation. This includes both the actual work phase but also the period leading to these days and the time after. The topic of the work is just as much about the process, personal factors and constraints of an art context. It deals with the impossibility of creating a just artwork.



This piece is presented in varying forms -

with a variable duration of approximately 20-30 minutes.



Concept, Composition, Text Editing, Final Cut - Alexander Schubert

Performer - Carola Schaal

Camera - Adrian Schmidt

3d Rendering - Pedro González Fernández

The video edit of this piece uses a documentary cut by Adrian Schmidt as source material.


Commissioned by La Muse En Circuit and Musica